Our Process

The word "hydroponic" means "water works" It is method of growing plants in which a perfect blend of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the plants root system. All of the work is done by the water without the use of any soil. It is a highly productive technique resulting in faster growth and greater yields.

Bolton Farms operates year round in a state of the art energy efficient greenhouse. No expense was spared to ensure an environmentally friendly facility. 4 miles of radiant floor tubing heat the concrete floor. A heat preserving curtain covers the greenhouses on the cold winter nights and shades them during the heat of the summer.

Growing hydroponically is protective of the environment. Because the nutrient water is recaptured and recycled there is actually very little water used compared to traditional farmers that utilize irrigation methods. In addition, there is no pollution of the soil with excess fertilizer waste.

Bolton Farms employs ladybugs and grove bee hives, as we have an integrated pest management system. Beneficial insects like ladybugs are used to eat the bad bugs, mainly aphids. Since we don't use soil, we are able to avoid the usual soil born enemies, like many funguses and pests.


Is there a product that you are looking for? We have the ability to grow just about anything, from herbs to vine crops. Our only limitation is root crops like carrots or potatoes. Most varieties of lettuce or greens require about 30 days. So, with a month's notice you could be serving up extraordinary dishes with artistic presentation.

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